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Spare $14.22
2-in-1 faltbares, weiches, rundes Katzentunnelbett für den Innenbereich2-in-1 faltbares, weiches, rundes Katzentunnelbett für den Innenbereich
2-in-1 faltbares, weiches, rundes Katzentunnelbett für den Innenbereich
Angebotspreis$64.78 USD Regulärer Preis$79.00 USD
Spare $12.88
Koalaing 2-in-1 faltbares weiches Katzentunnelbett für den InnenbereichKoalaing 2-in-1 faltbares weiches Katzentunnelbett für den Innenbereich
Koalaing 2-in-1 faltbares weiches Katzentunnelbett für den Innenbereich
Angebotspreis$79.12 USD Regulärer Preis$92.00 USD
Spare $25.65
Schiffs-UFO-Klapprohr mit Kratzball-KatzentunnelbettSchiffs-UFO-Klapprohr mit Kratzball-Katzentunnelbett
Schiffs-UFO-Klapprohr mit Kratzball-Katzentunnelbett
Angebotspreis$69.35 USD Regulärer Preis$95.00 USD
Spare $26.22
Tunnelbett für Katzen aus der GemüseserieTunnelbett für Katzen aus der Gemüseserie
Tunnelbett für Katzen aus der Gemüseserie
Angebotspreis$42.78 USD Regulärer Preis$69.00 USD
Spare $27.59
Zusammenklappbares Katzenspieltunnelbett Zusammenklappbares Katzenspieltunnelbett
Zusammenklappbares Katzenspieltunnelbett
Angebotspreis$61.41 USD Regulärer Preis$89.00 USD

Cat Tunnel Bed

Welcome to FunnyFuzzy, your one-stop shop for extraordinary pet essentials. Immerse yourself in our exclusive Cat Tunnel Bed collection that guarantees a delightful blend of comfort and entertainment for your feline friends.Our unique selection of cat tunnel beds offers an exciting and comfortable experience for your pets. Filled with plush materials, the cat bed element of our tunnel beds ensures a cozy retreat for your pet, while the tunnel aspect satisfies their instinctual desire to explore and hide. It's a perfect match for the playful and secretive nature of your beloved feline.If you have a curious cat who loves having their own private hideaways, our cat cave and cat tent options, integrated into some of our tunnel beds, provide the perfect solution. These specially designed spaces offer cats the fun of exploration with the comfort of a safe, enclosed area.We also offer multi-functional cat house tunnel beds. These innovative designs combine the privacy of a cat house with the fun of a tunnel, promising endless hours of play and rest for your cat.For the feline who enjoys lounging in luxury, our collection features tunnel beds with cat sofa extensions. They offer the comfort of a soft, plush sofa with the added adventure of a connected tunnel.And if you're planning to travel with your pet or need to visit the vet, our collection includes tunnel beds that can pair with our safe and stylish cat carriers. This feature ensures that your feline can always have a familiar comfort zone, even when on the move.At FunnyFuzzy, we value the joy and comfort of your pets. Our Cat Tunnel Bed collection promises high-quality products that cater to the adventurous spirit and relaxation needs of your cats. Enjoy shopping with us!

Frequently Asked Questions about cat tunnel bed

What materials are used in your Cat Tunnel Beds?

Our Cat Tunnel Beds are made from a variety of high-quality materials such as plush fabric, durable polyester, and soft fleece, ensuring comfort and long-lasting use.

Are your Cat Tunnel Beds machine washable?

Please check the care instructions on each individual product page for washing details. While some of our Cat Tunnel Beds are machine washable, others may require spot-cleaning or hand-washing.

How do I entice my cat to use the Cat Tunnel Bed?

Some cats take to new spaces immediately, while others might need a little encouragement. You can place some of their favorite toys inside the cat cave, cat house, or cat tent, or even sprinkle a bit of catnip to make the space more appealing.