Magic Accordion Foldable Durable with Bell Ball Cat Scratching Board

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Do you often find your cat running around the house, digging, searching and destroying things? Let this product bring a playground to your cat and unleash its natural instincts.
  • Scratch and wear resistant: This scratching board for cats is made of high density corrugated paper with a mesh honeycomb design. This corrugated cardboard cat scratching board is thick and dense with tight gaps, making the scratching board durable and not hurting the claws, so the cardboard cat scratching board is strong enough to resist sharp claws for a long time. 
  • Multifunction: Connect the cat scratching board together to increase the area of the cat scratching board. One product can be changed to a variety of styles to use, so that the cat play more fun. The middle of the scratching board has a built-in round bell ball, which makes a pleasant tinkling sound when rolling. It is both a cat scratching board and a cat lounge, providing a comfortable environment for cats to play and lie down.
  • Increase interaction: You can play with this with your pet, increasing the interaction between you and your pet and making your relationship closer.

Main material: 
Corrugated paper

Product Size:
11*10*7 cm / 4.33*3.94*2.76 in

Customer Reviews

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Carlos Ruiz

I think it's cool. But, it was purchased for my cat. She likes the shipping box more than the accordion. To be honest, The purchase was a long shot. She gravitate to battery operated toys.