The dog's new year plan

The dog's new year plan

Are you planning to do something different for your dog this year? Do you want to set definite goals that you want to help your dog reach in the new year? Well. January's here, and so is 2022, which might be a good option for a new year resolution you can make for your dog. 

New year resolutions for dogs are planned mainly by people who have dogs as their pets or if the owners love the dogs and treat them like family. 

The basic meaning of choosing a new year’s resolution for one’s dog is to make sure their dog reaches that goal in the following year, along with the owner.

Just as the sizes and shapes of dogs increase, so do their unique features; this is why every dog owner, based on their assessment, plans a different new year resolution for their dogs.

 There are many ideas for planning a new year’s resolution for your dog, but a few of the most common ones are picked out and explained by our experts. You can pick the idea out which best suits your or your dog’s interests.

 Plan a trip

We all know just how much dogs love to go out. It's in their nature. They are wild animals, after all. But not many of us get the time to take our dogs out because of our busy schedules. Even if we do, it is only for some time or after a long time interval.It is always best to go out with your dog, take a trip, and enjoy and spend some time together.Not only is that therapeutic for your dog, but also you. So while you plan a new year’s resolution for your dog, make sure you add a long trip as well.The both of you can go climbing mountains, hiking, running, camping out in the wild, in the rain,and whatnot.Also, be sure to take your pet for a long walk once a week for the minimum, other than the short walks.


Get more exercise

How exercise helps us humans feel better and more accomplished in our lives. The same is the case with dogs.Dogs too feel very happy and relaxed after they exercise.

So if you are interested in doing exercise yourself, you may want to give your dog a bit of time exercising too. 

How can you do that? You can do that by giving your dog at least 5 minutes a day, if nothing much. If you can’t do anything, you can at least take a toy out and play with them indoors. Dogs also enjoy games like frisbee, catching the ball, running, etc.

Exercise is also good when you have a healthy dog and want to lose or shed some extra pounds. If you also want to focus on the diet, other than the exercise, you may want to consult a nutritionist to give you proper guidance on your dog’s eating habits.

While these are great ways to do things with your dog, such activities also encourage you to be better.

 And it doesn’t matter if the park is a little far from your house. You can either walk your dog to the park (more exercise!) or give them a ride in your car with dog seat belts to help keep them safe.

Lose Weight

Again, losing weight is correlated to the exercise point mentioned above. 

Did you know that 50% of dogs in the United States are overweight? You do not want this for your dog because it leads to health concerns.

Negligence towards weight will cause your dog to get many diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, difficulty breathing, arthritis, and many others.

Even though you may be tempted to do so, you still need to resist the urge to give them the pet food. 


Any treats or leftovers that you give your dog may be fun and fill their belly up, but it will cause a lot of problems in the long run. 

Too much food is a leading cause of obesity in dogs. It is therefore important to give your dog treats moderately. 

You can also refer to a nutritionist to develop a weight loss plan for your dog.

 Brand-new furniture for dogs

You can also plan your dog’s new year’s resolution by buying new furniture for it. This can include any of the following:

Dog bed

FunnyFuzzy has got a brilliant option for your dog - this donut dog bet is sure to be warm, comfortable, and inviting. Don’t be surprised if it ends up being your dog’s most-visited place in the house!

Made of 100% cotton, the cover of this bed is also washable and durable, perfect for some of the rougher pets while maintaining a firm and bouncy structure for dogs to have fun.

Dog blanket  

Dog Blankets are a must for your pet. After all, they end up being the ‘favorite’ toy. FuzzyFuzzy’s leaf-shaped blanket is stylish, dually beneficial (both a mat and a blanket), and washable and durable.

Safety belt

Safety belts and leashes are necessary to train your dog and keep them safe. Keeping their importance in mind, FunnyFuzzy provides a leash that has 6 in 1 feature! 

It’s hands-free, shock-absorbing, adjustable, and has a lot more options as well. It’s the perfect way to reign in your dog’s more aggressive tendencies.

 Dog car seat cover

It’s fun to take your dog on trips, but it’s not always safe for them. As babies, their bodies are just not configured to sit in cars. That’s why you need a dog car seat. FunnyFuzzy offers a dog bed car seat with an anti-slip, waterproof cover. The product is durable, washable, and easy to install!

By getting new furniture for your dog, you will allow your dog to be relaxed and have room for renovation.

You could go for a traditional wooden material since it is in fashion. 

You can also get printed furniture or velvet lining for your dog but be aware that velvet will catch a lot of hair, so you will need to clean it more often. Also, don’t forget to get dog car seat covers to avoid any mess in the car. 

Learn something new

Whether You have a small puppy or a big dog, it certainly does not matter what their age is; learning new tricks to play along with your dog is always a fun thing to do. 

 This year on new year’s resolution, you can also plan to do something different with your dog, like learning something that excites the both of you. Moreover, it also enhances the mind of your dog. 

So on this year’s new year resolutions for your dog, you can add learning a new trick as a target to achieve.

 Final Words

Dogs are among the most loving creatures on earth! No doubt, with great pets such as dogs comes great responsibility. 

We hope you found this guide helpful and informative since we did our best to give you the most common fun ideas for your dog’s new year's resolution.

Let us know what you think your dog's new year's resolution is?

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