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Dog and Cat Stairs

Make every move effortless for your pet with FunnyFuzzy's dog stairs collection. We recognize the difficulties that small, aging, or arthritic dogs encounter when attempting to climb, and we're dedicated to providing assistance.Our collection features a variety of robust and reliable dog stairs, pet steps, and ramps that can aid your furry friend in accessing elevated furniture like a dog sofa, or even stepping into the car. Each stair set is designed with your dog's health and safety in mind, simplifying their movement around your home and making it a comfortable experience.Safety is our main concern. For this reason, all our pet steps come equipped with non-slip surfaces, ensuring your pet's paw-grip remains secure while they're on the move. Additionally, these dog stairs are lightweight, portable, and crafted to blend seamlessly into your home décor.Consider pairing these stairs with other pet-friendly items from our collection, such as the dog mat, for a gentle landing, or the dog bed for a comfortable nap after their climb.Remember, the goal isn't solely to simplify your pet's life, but also to grant them independence and confidence in their daily activities. Explore the FunnyFuzzy dog stairs collection today and elevate the comfort and accessibility for your beloved pet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog and Cat Stairs

Why might my dog need stairs?

Dog stairs can be helpful for small dogs, older dogs, or dogs with joint or mobility issues who may have difficulty getting onto high surfaces such as beds or sofas. Using stairs can help prevent injuries that could occur from jumping off high surfaces, and it can also give your dog more independence.

How do I choose the right size and height of stairs for my dog?

The right size and height of the stairs will depend on the height of the furniture your dog is trying to access and the size of your dog. The stairs should reach slightly below the top of the furniture, and each step should be a suitable size for your dog to step onto comfortably. Also, consider the weight limit of the stairs to ensure they can support your dog safely.

How can I train my dog to use the stairs?

Start by placing the stairs on a flat surface and encouraging your dog to explore them. Use treats and praise to reward your dog for approaching and stepping on the stairs. Once your dog is comfortable, gradually move the stairs to the intended furniture. Always supervise your dog until they are confident using the stairs on their own.